Configure Alerts

Alerts can be configured to activate based on any user-defined criteria, such as intersections between two indicators, price movement into or out of a channel, and so on. When the specified condition is met, users can receive updates through phone alerts, emails, and text messages.

Create An Alert

Or there is an alternative approach like on the right navigation panel you can see the alert manager as below where you can click on and see all the alerts and can create an alert as well.

To Create an alert, click on any of the available options and you can see the alert window as below.

Trigger Conditions

Users can choose the criteria for activating an alert from the condition menu, where they can pick the indicators and a series of rules that initiate the notification. The second dropdown menu manages the specific alert triggering conditions, while another dropdown handles the selection of elements or plots to be utilized for those conditions.

The following explains the available conditions for configuring custom alerts:

Step 1: Alert selection

In the indicator settings, first select the list of alerts you want to configure. You can do alteast one and provide a Alertname or you can select a bunch of alerts and provide a common name to all the functions as well. Here lets try to do for one element only which is BUY/SELL alert.

Step 2: Change the condition

Change the condition from the regular mode to PATAlgo Mode as shown below.

Step 3: Alert Functions

The alert function should be Any Alert function call as shown below, this is a custom function call which is been developed in PATAlgo and it takes the customized alerts to notify when there is a BUY or SELL Call.

Step 4: Finally AlertName

You can configure the alert name based on the details which you want to get in the alert notification.

Step 5: Verify

Once you set the alert you can see that in the alert pane at the right as below which indicates the alerts are active.

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