What is TradingView?

TradingView is a web-based charting and analysis platform for traders and investors. The platform is popular among traders and investors for its user-friendly interface and social features, which allow users to share ideas, charts, and analysis with other traders in the community. We at PATAlgo have built our indicators that works on top of the TradingView platform providing custom trading strategies and signals which makes the life of both experienced and novice traders be profitable on their journey. TradingView users can connect most brokers to trade directly on the platform and leap into opportunities as they are presented in real time from their charts.

Tradingview can be accessed using this url www.tradingview.com

OUR PATAlgo Indicator works on FREE VERSION of TRADINGVIEW and NO LICENSE required

How To Create A TradingView Account?

In order to create a TradingView account, you need to go to the TradingView homepage. Click on "Sign in" at the top right of the homepage, then click on "Sign up" at the bottom of the current window. You can sign up using your social media profiles or an email address.

How to access the Charts and Symbols?

Tradingview is composed of many features like SuperCharts, Screeners, Heatmap, Economic Calendar etc. These are very good ready to go features from TV, and a trader can use these feature to his/her effective usage while taking the traders. Timebeing to start your journey lets concentrate on the Supercharts which is where you will need our indicators to be added.

Now we are on the charts and we need to add our symbol/instrument or asset what so ever we call , so how to do that? we need to click on the top right name section to add or directly start typing your symbol name and it will open a editor.

Simply start typing your favorite instrument name and it will open the below screen where you can search the different symbols which you want to load on the charts.

Tradingview has different settings and features, some of the immediate one which you need to know are highlighted below.

You can follow us in TradingView using the below link, where we post regular market updates and useful charts.

Tradingview Shortcut / Hot Keys

General chart shortcuts

EffectKey combination

Open the script window


Load a chart layout

. (dot)

Save the current chart layout

Ctrl + S

Change the chart’s symbol symbol

Start typing, which brings up a symbol search window

Change interval

Press , (comma) or start typing the first digit for minute charts or first letter of the word for longer resolutions. Examples are 1, 5, 30, 60, 1440, H, 4H, 6H, D, 5D, W, 3M

Create Alert on the current instrument

Alt + A

Add a text note for current instrument

Alt + N

Take a snapshot image of the chart

Alt + S

Reset the chart’s zoom

Alt + R

Invert the price scale of the chart’s instrument

Alt + I

Add the chart’s current instrument to the watchlist

Alt + W

Open the ‘Publish Idea’ window

Alt + P

Undo the most recent chart action

Ctrl + Z

Redo the most recent chart action

Ctrl + Y

Cancel operation, undo a selection, close window


Zooming hotkeys

EffectKey combination

Zoom in on the chart

Scrollwheel up or click on the price axis and drag the mouse to the left

Zoom out on the chart

Scrollwheel down or click on the price axis and drag the mouse to the right

Reset the spacing between bars

Double-click on the time axis

Compress price scale

Click (and hold) on the price axis and drag the mouse down

Extend price scale

Click (and hold) on the price axis and move the mouse up

Reset price scale

Double-click on the price axis

Chart movements keys

EffectKey combination

Move chart 1 bar to the left

Move chart 1 bar to the right

Move further to the left

Ctrl + ←

Move further to the right

Ctrl + →

Go to a specific date

Alt + G

Scroll through the chart

Click with left mouse button on the chart and drag mouse

Drawing hotkeys

EffectKey combination

Measure tool

Hold Shift and click on the chart

Copy selected drawing

Ctrl + C

Paste copied drawing

Ctrl + V

Clone a drawing

Hold Ctrl and drag the mouse

Select multiple drawings

Hold Ctrl and click to select each individual drawing

Move a drawing horizontally or vertically

Drag with mouse + Shift

Cancel making a drawing, undo selecting a drawing


Make a horizontal line

Alt + H

Make a vertical line

Alt + V

Make a cross line (combination of horizontal and vertical line)

Alt + C

Make a square

Select the Rectangle from the drawing toolbar and hold Shift when making the drawing on the chart

Make a circle

Select the Ellipse from the drawing toolbar and hold Shift when making the drawing on the chart

Draw a horizontal line, vertical line, or a line at 45 degrees

Hold Shift while making a trend line or channel drawing

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