Feature 1: PAT Signals

The elite feature of PATAlgo Pro is the BUY/SELL signals based on the market analysis, trend analysis and multiple factors. The feature is controlled based on the couple of settings which are called



Signal Reactivity setting is to be between 1.2 to 6 based on the market volaility the setup can be done, based on our experience and market analysis which we have done for specific instruments we will guide our customers to trade on to a particular reactivity and sensitivity that provides right results and good profitable traders.

To support this feature we also provided additional settings like.

  • SIGNAL MODE - It can be Scalping, Swing or Positional

  • CANDLE COLORS - It can be 3 color mode or 4 color mode. 3 color mode is basically when there is a transition from BUY to SELL or vice versa there will be some candles with one color (Yellow), if you select 4 candle mode then there will be different colors for the transition like BUY to SELL will have one color transition and from SELL to BUY will have one color mode this gives clarity to the traders on the directional move.

  • SIGNAL DIRECTION MODE - It can be either BUY Or SELL direction or both, this will be helpful for traders if they identify the direction and want to have signals in only one direction and not to take any retrace setup.

Scalp Mode:

Swing Mode:

Positional Mode:

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